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    Esquire Tech Group

    • Esquire is an after-market service company that specializes in repairing and refurbishing portable multimedia, such as mobile phones, tablets, smart watch, portable computers & multimedia players.

      Total solutions and electronics parts provider firms established in 2009 with headquarter in Hong Kong. Team of professionals with experience in supporting electronics devices & wireless Key Modules. With the intensive growing portable multimedia device/mobile market, we further utilize our technical experience and expertise for serving the after-market service provider. The company is currently providing repair service to branded mobile phone manufacturers and telecom service providers.

      Apart from repair service, we are trading the after-market service spare parts for mobiles and IT products as well as buy and sell used phones.

      Esquire employs highly trained and skilled technicians able to deliver world-class workmanship, quick turnaround time and consistent customer satisfaction. We are fully equipped with all the basic equipments and setup for repair & service works.


      To be the preferred world-class after-market service provider of hand-held telecommunication devices in the Asia.


      We are committed to provide excellent, most cost-effective and innovative repair solutions for after- market service world, continuous excellent service based on total customer satisfaction and aiming to achieve sound return for our shareholders.

      Company Motto