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    Company Profile

    • Esquire Tech Limited               
      Esquire formed in 2008 and run by a team of professionals with rich experience in the field of Electronics, Computer Hardware and Software technologies.
      Esquire is headquartered at Hong Kong and plans to have offices in several locations across Asia, Europe and America shortly.                
      Esquire currently has a supply base of low cost and high quality manufacturers of Electronics hardware, computer products, data storage devices and security products across the world. All products are tested and certified by Esquire. The current product range includes laptops, notebooks, variety of computer accessories such as external disc drives and high end security products. The designs of all these products are benchmarked with the leaders in the industry while keeping the cost low and giving value for money to customers worldwide.               
      Esquire delivers its products to end customers through a very reliable network of distributors across the globe. The distributors are selected based on experience, location, servicing capability and cost. All of Esquire’s distributors are easily accessible and have skilled service Engineers for timely problem solving.                
      Esquire aspires to be the leader in providing low cost and high quality products through its highly professional team and a reliable and efficient Sales and Service network.